Screener Survey Guide

Your Guide to Creating B2C Usability Testing Screeners

Screener surveys are the first step to recruit the ideal research participants for your research project.  A good screener survey will help you efficiently evaluate a potential participant's qualification for research. 

Recruiting research participants with a good screener can help you save time and money by ensuring you recruit people with the right qualifications for a high-value study.

Learn how to create an effective screener survey, understand screening best practices, and access downloadable screener question examples in this step-by-step guide.

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Step by Step Guide

Step By Step Guide

Walk through the steps of creating a screener survey, focusing on particular needs for unmoderated testing.

Conduct Research

Best Practices

Review best practices for creating a dependable screener to avoid common recruiting pitfalls.

Take a Survey

Screener in Practice

Go through an example screener survey to see how screener questions are put into practice.

Downloadable Questions

Downloadable Questions

Download your own set of example questions to get you started creating your next screener survey.

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